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Fashion Bio: Month 1 Lubica.

A bio on Canadian fashion designer Lubica.

Trinity collection: A unique blend of bold colours. Shoulder defining pieces with the right amount of hip hugging. A hint of flow. From classy to walking the streets…

Toucan: Spread your fashion wings like a toucan. Show of your back with bold shirts that flatter curves. A mini holiday in a breezy dress.

Bliss: A cute collection of shoulder flattering dresses. Look sexy in any colour with this collection.

Starting her collection of Bikinis is Canadian fashion designer Lubica. Just looking at her bold prints and design you can see a little Jamaica with every piece designed. Attending Toronto’s, Ryerson University her pieces show her love of the tropics. STRUTT’S very own model Quinn Drechsler walked the runway for her April 16,2011 at FAT.

Awards won:  Designer of the Year Award at the Observer Style Awards 2010. (duo award with Tami Chynn)

When looking at her collection it is sexy, inspiring and adds that wow factor everyone is looking for. It’s a way to experiment and add a new fresh twist to that old worn down wardrobe. Spice up your style with her collections.

A piece that really catches they eye is called “Vanzy.” In the collection Bliss, this dress really stands out. Its short, sexy, and has a hint of flavour. The whole dress is bright white but there’s just a sensual hint of blue to add appeal. This is a dress that could be seen at a cocktail party, club, or during any outing.

Check out the fresh collection online at,!portfolio

Express. Live. Experiment.



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